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Our Males

We want to find handsome males that are gentle and strong. 

Ines (Eva)

Eva, as we call her, is a very affectionate gorgeous medium drive female.  Her looks are as stunning as her personality.  She wants to be friends with everybody.   She loves water, kids, cats, and other animals.   She is easy and eager to train.   She is a long coat import from Serbia.  Hips and Elbows tested good.



Bianka is a beautiful long coat (dual coat).   She has show and working lines.  She is our newest girl and she has really taken to our kids.  She loves to play and has a very strong play/ball drive.   Her hips and elbows are tested excellent.


Jupiter Sremski

Jupiter is a perfect specimen of a WGSL german Shepherd.  He has won many titles in Europe before we imported him.  He is so loyal and loving but his looks are inspiring.   This boy loves being at Josh's side all the time.  He does not know the meaning of personal space ;-)  His hips and elbows are good and excellent.