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Our Females

We breed only beautiful confident females



Chloe was our first breeding female.  She is the Alpha of the pack and has been retired for some time from breeding.  She is a high drive female that patrols our property.  She is right with the kids anytime they are outside.   She wants to know who is coming and going.  She is very confident and a wonderful companion.  She seems to know what we want her to do intuitively.  Wether that is herding the chickens back in their coop, escorting kids around the property, her attitude is "what can I do for you?"



Otis is the sweetest dog.  She loves to be around humans, and if we let her, would be a lap dog!  She is very playful and she is great with kids.  She is also protective, she lets us know when any strangers are around.  Otis is extremely attentive to us and has a great loving temperament.  She naturally looks to her humans over other distractions i.e. other dogs, cats, smells and sounds.  Which is why we are considering her for therapy dog testing.  She is an Hungarian Import.   Hips and Elbows tested good. 



Ines (Eva)

Eva, as we call her, is a very affectionate gorgeous medium drive female.  Her looks are as stunning as her personality.  She wants to be friends with everybody.   She loves water, kids, cats, and other animals.   She is easy and eager to train.   She is a long coat import from Serbia.  Hips and Elbows tested good.